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THE 411 IN 311

Here is some general information that needs to be given out!

Friday, information was sent out regarding our end of the year party. The letter sent home was a little hard to understand. Here are some clarifications.

  1. We will be having an end of the year picnic on June 7th with food provided by Sunburst Foods. The menu will be  a hot dog, chips and a drink for $3.00.

  2. You are welcome to join your child for the picnic and purchase the same menu for yourself for the same price of $3.00. If you are going to join your child, we need a count for the Sunburst company no later than May 25th.

  3. All money must be paid by June 2!

  4. If you would like to provide desert for the class, the first 5 people to respond back can do that. We have 25 people in the class.


  • Can my child or myself get more than one hotdog?

No, in an attempt to keep in simple, we have one menu (see above) for each person. If an adult would like to buy two menus and share the three items with their child that would be fine.

  • Does my child have to participate or can we just bring lunch from home or a fast food restaurant?

Since this picnic is our end of the year party and Sunburst is helping us out, we would like everyone to buy hotdogs. If there is a special circumstance please let me know. You are also able to pick your child up early that day if you would prefer.

  • What if I don't want all items in the menu?

We have contracted with Sunburst to provide this food for us, please be understanding that we can not provide for everyone's tastes. Please take that into consideration when sending in your family lunch count.

  • I don't understand the slip at the bottom.

If you would like to provide a desert for the party you can indicate that in the first blank. If you plan to attend the party and eat a hotdog with your child please let us know how many menus (hotdog, chips and a drink) you would like so we can make sure Sunburst provides enough. Please sign your name and also indicate your child's name if different from your own.

  • Can I bring my child's younger sibling(s) who are not in school yet?

Yes, please be aware that we will be outside in the grass and make provisions for your younger children. Also if these children will be eating add them into your count when you send the information to school.

As a personal request, (it will help my book keeping) if you could send the money in with your menu count. That way we will not have to keep up with how many extra people you wanted to attend the party and how much you owe. You will not have to remember either! If this is impossible I understand.


I hope this helps clarify things a little. As always feel free to contact me at school if you have any questions.








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